Sofia & David

Sofia & David At Glen Sanders Mansion

Wedding at Glen Sanders Mansion today with Sofia Vitkin & David Leather! Great couple and saw some great people from past weddings also. Love keeping it in the family!!!

Rochelle & Michael

Old Daley on Crooked Lake, True Grace Makeup, Nate Miller from Paino Man Dj, myself and Emily Cloutier, had a great day to work for Rochelle & Michael’s wedding. Awesome weather, nice breeze and a beautiful sunset. I chose to use strobe tonight instead of Ice Light.

Kelly & Rusty

With 22 people in the wedding party and over 300 plus guest at the Hall of Springs, Kelly & Rusty needed just 10min to themselves so I caught them doing some alone time at the perfect time of the evening. Ice Light Baby!!!!

Melissa and John

Ok 2 weekends off of weddings, Americade tomorrow with some friends, Graduation Party for my daughter Sophia Sunday, and next Saturday I Fly through NYC in a Helicopter doing city shots from the sky for fun and Sunday back in another Helicopter flying over GE again doing aerials for them, and that one is work. Since Ive been so busy I never posted any teasers for Melissa Ramsey and John Pelletier which was May 15 at Birch Hill. As you can see by some of the pics we had a fun day. And so far every bride Ive had this year has been nothing but AWESOME, makes me love what I do!!!














Amazing rain shots!

Another great wedding and couple to work with along with Jeff from conway entertainment, and Mike Verenini and Kim at the Albany Country Club who always makes you feel at home. Went out to do my blue sky night shot with my ice light and then it poured and I had to scramble to set this up the best I could for a nice back lit rain shot. Tough shot dealing with RAIN, dress, umbrellas, flashes, camera and trying to stay dry. Challenge is fun!!

Brittany & Doug

Dino Petrocelli, you are the MAN! We can’t thank you enough for the breathtaking photos you captured on our wedding day! There are SO many absolutely beautiful pictures and out of the million or so … I chose a few that melt my heart!

Jenna & Andrew Franklin Plaza

The first wedding of the season 2015, and I hope to god this wedding sets the pace for the rest of the year. Emily and I were treated as if we were one of the guest. We had so much fun at this wedding it makes me really look forward to the next. Jenna & Andrew were an awesome couple to work with and I just finished their album design and it is gonna rock. There is nothing I can say about Franklin Plaza other than they really know how to do it and you don’t have to loose you life savings doing it there. Really awesome people to work with.

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