Taylor & Robert

What a great wedding Saturday with Taylor and Robert. I let Taylor have a bit of fun with the famous Ice Lights, they wanted some nice reflection shots in the reflecting pool, well there was no reflection cause there was no water, so what the hell we jumped in and actually shot IN the reflecting pool LOL! No pre look 20 people in the wedding party and she still made some of her cocktail hour. Love it when that happens.

Kristy Voss and Al Voss

Kristy Voss and Al Voss I hope the whole year is as much fun as this wedding was. Always a blast working with DJ Jake Allen and the staff at Century House.

Rachel and Dan

With only 2 weddings left to finish off the great year of 2015, Rachel and Dan and the whole wedding party was a blast to work with. Thanks to all the GREAT BRIDES Ive had this 2015 season. I remember way back when I said I’d never shoot a wedding, too much stress, well 30 years Later and still strong. Thanks to Ron and Joanne Peter for pushing me into doing their wedding back in 1985!!! Number UNO!!!

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Jacqueline & Steve

Awesome day at none other than Franklin Plaza. Great place to work. Jacqueline Kindlon and Steve were served a beautiful sunset as you can see in the couple shots I have here.

Nancy & John Marra

Nancy Marra & John married 11.13.15, Glen Sanders and I have to say this was perfectly put together, and I was proud to shoot this for Nancy who I’ve know since she was in her mothers belly. Its so crazy to see all these kids growing up and more crazy seeing them through my lens.

Bob & Barb Staunton

Ok so here are a bunch of pics from my old Navy buddy’s wedding this past Saturday. The ceremony was a small one but held in a Doctors house, well if you wanna call it a house, it was more like a museum. My wife and I were both besides our selves. The doctor was nice enough to let us use the inside and outside of the estate to shoot. Even thought it was a small wedding I still managed to shoot 1600. This is a small sample.

Claire and Andrew at 60 State Place

Worked 60 State Place 10.11.15 with Seasons Catering for the awesome food and Big Brian from Piano Man DJ for the awesome dance music. Then add the personality of Claire and Andrew and their family members, you have a crazy wedding. Its great when you get your stones busted by the guys and you can bust right back. LONG day but a fun day.








Brian and Amanda at Orchard Creek

The last to post out of my triple last week. I was honored to shoot Brian Killips and Amanda’s wedding, Ive known Brian for many years since his was a kid coming in to the lab I worked at with his dad to drop off film. Seems like yesterday. Had a great time seeing some old faces and again at Orchard Creek with Joell Viscusi.