Lauren Recchia Miss North of Manhattan

March 25, 2015 / by Dino Petrocelli

Lauren Recchia better known as miss North of Manhattan started having me shoot for her fashion blog and we have been going strong since August of 2014. On average once a week we go out cold or not, we do about 5-7 outfits in a 3-4 hour period. Its fast, we run from location to location, never know where we are gonna end up, and he have a lot of laughs. This is a sample of work over the past few months.

_55A0006 _55A0047 _55A0064 _55A0250 _55A0266 _55A0292 _55A0316 _55A0331 _55A0903 _55A1066 _55A1149 _55A1458 _55A1602 _55A1626 _55A1627 _55A1743 _55A1923 _55A2029 _55A2359 _55A3193 _55A3248 _55A3340 _55A6792 _55A6935 _55A7123 _55A7478 _AM10020 _AM10035 _AM10074 _AM10151 _AM10278 _AM10368 _AM10478 _AM10557 _AM10619 _AM10751 _AM10891 _AM14091 _AM14155 _AM14514 _AM17395 _AM17498b&w _AM17664 CAM10071 CAM10206 CAM10244 CAM10377 CAM10491 CAM10521 CAM10794

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