Katie and Andrew in Newport RI

Though you think of where your gonna be for a wedding or commercial shoot, you have thoughts in your brain of what you want and how you want it to look, its only natural, when you get to the site that its not actually what you had visioned and now your rethinking quickly in your brain on how to attack it with 20 min to spare to get some nice shots of a cool location. Here I was hoping to be down by the water light house off in the background with waves splashing on the rocks. Well I couldn’t get to the water with time we had, you really had to kinda be a rock climber. So not only didn’t we get down by the water, we had to deal with harsh sun, so using a high powered strobe to light Katie Michaels and Andrew, we did a great job with a great exposure on the couple and keeping a rich blue sky. Slight post production to bring out the clouds and darken the sky. Overall, in the small amount of time, this is one of the many awesome shots from this Newport RI location.