Mandy & Ross 60 State Place

Its been a while since Ive blogged, IM really gonna try and keep up to date on the blog from now on and I have a lot of work to do to get current.

This is Mandy and Ross married May 9, 2014 at 60 state place. Such a beautiful venue. Mandy’s dream was to have her father walk her down the isle of her special day. Her dad was fighting cancer but even though he was very weak the day of the wedding he was able to make Mandy’s dream come true. Sadly a few weeks after the wedding Mandy’s dad passed but she was so happy to have her dad the day of her wedding and she now has the pictures to last a lifetime.

Mandy & Ross  0264Mandy & Ross  0304Mandy & Ross  0329Mandy & Ross  0475Mandy & Ross  0512Mandy & Ross  0610Mandy & Ross  0701Mandy & Ross  0999Mandy & Ross  1042Mandy & Ross  0986Mandy & Ross  0984