Melissa & Jim Saratoga National

Winter weddings can be hard, its cold, there’s no color on the trees, slush, all the fun stuff winter has to offer. So as a professional you have to make the best and work the winter and make it happen. As you will see in this post of Melissa and Jim they had no problem going out in the snow and playing. They had snow shoes on, I was up to my knees in the snow with no boots but when Im working I don’t care, I do what I need to do to give them the best possible images.

Melissa & Jim009 Melissa & Jim010 Melissa & Jim011 Melissa & Jim012 Melissa & Jim013 Melissa & Jim014 Melissa & Jim015 Melissa & Jim016 Melissa & Jim017 Melissa & Jim018 Melissa & Jim019 Melissa & Jim020 Melissa & Jim021 Melissa & Jim022 Melissa & Jim023