Getting ready for another wedding season!

Getting ready for another wedding season. IM really happy to say Im still going strong even with all the new shooters, some awesome talent and some shouldn’t even own a camera. That being said I still have openings in 2020 so please don’t think because Im nationally published or have been doing this 30 plus years IM out of your price range, cause even if im out of your price range more times than not I’ll work as hard as I can to get in your price range. Check my work out on FB,, and Blog, I don’t always keep up with social media but if you google me you will see much of my work. Good luck with your future plans.

Rain is a Good Thing

There are many things that can stress a bride out on her wedding day. Don’t let the weather be one of them! Dino will capture the perfect shot weather it’s sunny, snowing, or even raining. Rain is a good thing! Check out these shots!


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Car Shots

Red Daytona

From weddings to cars, there’s nothing we can’t do. Here are some of my favorite cars that I have shot in the past!

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve at the Erlowest in Bolton Landing with Maria Natarelli & Tim Pfeiffenberger. Doesn’t get any better than that! #HappyNewYear #BookYourWeddingToday

North of Manhattan Photos Taken By Dino Petrocelli

“This camo jacket isn’t exactly your definition of stealth. Detailed with rainbow fur pockets, this purchase is one of my favorites in a long time. It is the perfect transitioning piece as it is oversized and on the lighter side. Because it makes a statement on its own, I opted for all black and added my little Karlito for a little fun! Shop this look below:” – North of Manhattan


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Twos Weddings This Weekend

So 2 weddings this weekend, Saturday night with Katie & Mark at Pats Barn after locking my keys in my truck it turned out to be a awesome day. Then today at Beardslee Castle with Melanie & Joe. I used my can smoke both day and night as you can see from the 2 examples I posted here. This stuff is awesome!!!! Both shots pretty much out of the camera, Little color contrast and density boost and very little soft focus.

Alexa & Jesse

I knew the Audi wedding today was gonna be on the crazy side but didn’t realize how crazy. Alexa and Jesse, WOW! But it was a blast. Dinosaur BBQ did an awesome job on the catering. Anyone see that sunset tonight, if you didn’t here’s a couple shots.13503018_10208709835717611_5238175765037219157_o