Getting ready for another wedding season!

Getting ready for another wedding season. IM really happy to say Im still going strong even with all the new shooters, some awesome talent and some shouldn’t even own a camera. That being said I still have openings in 2020 so please don’t think because Im nationally published or have been doing this 30 plus years IM out of your price range, cause even if im out of your price range more times than not I’ll work as hard as I can to get in your price range. Check my work out on FB,, and Blog, I don’t always keep up with social media but if you google me you will see much of my work. Good luck with your future plans.

Rain is a Good Thing

There are many things that can stress a bride out on her wedding day. Don’t let the weather be one of them! Dino will capture the perfect shot weather it’s sunny, snowing, or even raining. Rain is a good thing! Check out these shots!


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Car Shots

Red Daytona

From weddings to cars, there’s nothing we can’t do. Here are some of my favorite cars that I have shot in the past!

North of Manhattan Photos Taken By Dino Petrocelli

“This camo jacket isn’t exactly your definition of stealth. Detailed with rainbow fur pockets, this purchase is one of my favorites in a long time. It is the perfect transitioning piece as it is oversized and on the lighter side. Because it makes a statement on its own, I opted for all black and added my little Karlito for a little fun! Shop this look below:” – North of Manhattan


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Rachel and Dan

With only 2 weddings left to finish off the great year of 2015, Rachel and Dan and the whole wedding party was a blast to work with. Thanks to all the GREAT BRIDES Ive had this 2015 season. I remember way back when I said I’d never shoot a wedding, too much stress, well 30 years Later and still strong. Thanks to Ron and Joanne Peter for pushing me into doing their wedding back in 1985!!! Number UNO!!!

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Brian and Amanda at Orchard Creek

The last to post out of my triple last week. I was honored to shoot Brian Killips and Amanda’s wedding, Ive known Brian for many years since his was a kid coming in to the lab I worked at with his dad to drop off film. Seems like yesterday. Had a great time seeing some old faces and again at Orchard Creek with Joell Viscusi.











Sofia & David

Sofia & David At Glen Sanders Mansion

Wedding at Glen Sanders Mansion today with Sofia Vitkin & David Leather! Great couple and saw some great people from past weddings also. Love keeping it in the family!!!

Jenna & Andrew Franklin Plaza

The first wedding of the season 2015, and I hope to god this wedding sets the pace for the rest of the year. Emily and I were treated as if we were one of the guest. We had so much fun at this wedding it makes me really look forward to the next. Jenna & Andrew were an awesome couple to work with and I just finished their album design and it is gonna rock. There is nothing I can say about Franklin Plaza other than they really know how to do it and you don’t have to loose you life savings doing it there. Really awesome people to work with.

Jenna & Drew001 Jenna & Drew002 Jenna & Drew003 Jenna & Drew004 Jenna & Drew005 Jenna & Drew006 Jenna & Drew007 Jenna & Drew008 Jenna & Drew009 Jenna & Drew010 Jenna & Drew011 Jenna & Drew012 Jenna & Drew013 Jenna & Drew014 Jenna & Drew015


Helen & Geoff

It’s seems like every vendor on this site has a 5 star rating, but with Dino you are getting so much more. Him and his team made my wife and I feel like rockstars from beginning to end. It’s all about finding the person with the right personality that fits you. Dino was our guy. He made our wedding unique. He brought out the best in both of us and truly captured the emotions throughout the day. I don’t need to tell people how much fun my wedding was — they can look at any of the photos Dino and Emily took and already know it was the best day of our lives. Almost everyday someone tells me — “Man, your photos are amazing. They don’t look like any wedding I’ve ever seen.” I can thank Dino for that. That’s exactly what we asked for and he and his crew delivered. Not once did he take over and make it his show. He got what we wanted and had a blast with us for the entire day. We got the photos as soon as we got back from our honeymoon and haven’t stopped looking at them since.

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Mandy & Ross 60 State Place

Its been a while since Ive blogged, IM really gonna try and keep up to date on the blog from now on and I have a lot of work to do to get current.

This is Mandy and Ross married May 9, 2014 at 60 state place. Such a beautiful venue. Mandy’s dream was to have her father walk her down the isle of her special day. Her dad was fighting cancer but even though he was very weak the day of the wedding he was able to make Mandy’s dream come true. Sadly a few weeks after the wedding Mandy’s dad passed but she was so happy to have her dad the day of her wedding and she now has the pictures to last a lifetime.

Mandy & Ross  0264Mandy & Ross  0304Mandy & Ross  0329Mandy & Ross  0475Mandy & Ross  0512Mandy & Ross  0610Mandy & Ross  0701Mandy & Ross  0999Mandy & Ross  1042Mandy & Ross  0986Mandy & Ross  0984